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When the singer Mariah Carey and her husband, Tommy Mottola, the chairman of Sony Music Entertainment, moved into the 22,square-foot house they built here init was described with superlatives. It was the biggest house imaginable, people in town said, with the fanciest recording studio, the prettiest ballroom, the deepest artificial pond and the oddest indoor shooting range. When the couple divorced and sold the house to a neighbor inthe red brick Georgian mansion garnered another superlative.

Nelson Peltz's House of Horrors

Now the house has set its last record. It burned to the ground early Saturday morning, leaving rubble and debris in place of luxury, and became what is believed to be the most expensive private house fire ever.

It appears to be the most expensive single family home fire ever. Goldstein said. The cause of the fire on Saturday has not been determined, said Richard T. The house was being renovated and was vacant when two security guards in an another house on the acre estate smelled smoke, heard an alarm and saw flames shooting out of a second-story window.

They called the Fire Department about a.

nelson peltz house mt kisco

More than firefighters from six departments fought the blaze for the next several hours, but piles of debris were all that remained of the house. The home's new owners, Nelson and Claudia Peltz, had not planned to move in until next year, their lawyer, Neale M.

Albert, said. Peltz, the chairman and chief executive of Triarc Companies, which owns Snapple Beverages, the Arby's fast-food chain and Royal Crown Cola, lives in a home that sits on a acre estate next to the house that burned down. Albert said of the Peltzes. When they bought the house, it was built for a couple, and the Peltzes have six children, so they needed to do extensive renovations.

The Peltzes have wrangled with town officials over their helicopter. Bedford is suing the couple, saying they are violating an ordinance banning landings and takeoffs of private aircraft. The Peltzes say they should be allowed to use their helicopter, because the property's previous owners did so, and there was a hangar on the property when they bought it.

View on timesmachine. TimesMachine is an exclusive benefit for home delivery and digital subscribers. Home Page World U.By Kaja Whitehouse. February 9, pm Updated February 10, am. A billionaire hedge-fund mogul treated his bodyguard worse than a stray mongrel — cruelly firing the man for taking a single sick day after a year-and-a-half of employment, a new Manhattan federal lawsuit claims.

Juan Gonzalez — who also served as dog walker and chauffeur — says Nelson Peltz and his model third wife, Claudia Heffner Peltz, fired him after he was forced to seek emergency medical help for shortness of breath and diabetes complications and was unable to come to work. Gonzalez knew, however, that the Peltzes had a reputation for being tough on staff, so he never took a vacation day or a sick day during the roughly 19 months he worked for the them, his lawyer said.

In Julyhe started feeling ill from his diabetes and visited an emergency walk-in clinic, he said. Kisco estate found out that he was going to be taking a sick day, he called Gonzalez at the clinic and started chewing him out, the suit claims. It got so heated, a nurse got on the line and tried to help, the suit says.

Westchester's Most Expensive House Reduced to Ashes

Gonzalez was fired hours later, his lawyer said. Gonzalez says he was disappointed not to personally hear from the Peltzes after a year-and-a-half of loyalty. Neither Peltz nor his hedge-fund firm, Trian, which also was sued, returned a request for comment.

Read Next. Jury requests to see gallon trash bag linked to Etan Pa This story has been sharedtimes. Would you like to receive desktop browser notifications about breaking news and other major stories? Not Now Yes Please. View author archive email the author follow on twitter Get author RSS feed. Name required. Email required. Comment required. Juan Gonzalez Juan Gonzalez — who also served as dog walker and chauffeur — says Nelson Peltz and his model third wife, Claudia Heffner Peltz, fired him after he was forced to seek emergency medical help for shortness of breath and diabetes complications and was unable to come to work.

Read Next Jury requests to see gallon trash bag linked to Etan PaFire ruins pop singer Careys dreamhouse Wednesday 22 December The 22,square-foot Bedford mansion built by pop singer Mariah Carey and former husband Tommy Mottola was destroyed in an early morning fire yesterday.

nelson peltz house mt kisco

Vacant since the sale, the nine-bedroom house was empty at the time of the fire and there were no injuries. Firefighters were called to the scene at a. By the time they arrived, the top two floors of the three-story mansion were fully engulfed in flames and it took about four hours to put them out, said Ray Zaccari, chief of the Mount Kisco Volunteer Fire Department.

The smoldering house flared up several times throughout the day, he said, as about firefighters from Mount Kisco, Bedford, Bedford Hills, Armonk, Chappaqua, Katonah and Pleasantville fought the blaze. Westchester County fire Cause and Origin team had not determined the cause of the fire last night, Zaccari said. Firefighters, however, told Peltz the cause was likely faulty wiring, Albert said.

The construction of the mansion irked the town and some of their Bedford neighbors, who complained of construction noise and runoff from a 2. Peltz has also had trouble with the town. Bedford is fighting him in state Supreme Court, trying to stop him from using his helicopter to commute daily to New York City. Neighbors complained that the takeoffs and landings consistently rattle their doors and windows.

Peltz is chief executive officer of Triarc Cos. Peltz's other Bedford house, separated from the burned mansion by a nature preserve, is a five-bedroom Cape Cod-style home built in When the Carey-Mottola marriage broke up inPeltz, 57, decided to buy their property, too. He had planned to move with his wife, Claudia, and their six children into the Carey-Mottola home in about six months, Albert said.

Peltz owns a third home in Palm Beach, Fla. They the Peltzes were turning it into a place for a family. She said the hilltop property used to be a tree farm, featuring mostly evergreens.Turns out, the family would be right at home. The Hudson Valley is full of famous faces: From Academy Award-winning actors to some fellow billionaires, here's a look at who lives here:. Schreiber lives in Ulster County. Harbour is a Byram Hills High School grad. Andrea Canning: The Rye resident has logged a lot of miles as one of the hosts of "Dateline NBC," but for the last four years, Westchester has been her home base.

Chevy Chase: The oft-irascible actor and comedian who most recently starred in the series "Community" calls Bedford his community. David Letterman: If you saw the former "The Tonight Show" host jogging around his North Salem home, you might not recognize him, what with that beard and all.

Richard Gere: Sure, he's friends with the Dalai Lama, but Gere also rubs shoulders with the hoi polloi at his home in Bedford. Victor Garber: Currently starring in "Hello, Dolly! Liam Neeson: The 'Taken' franchise actor has a house in the Millbrook area.

James Earl Jones: The low-key actor responsible for some of the most memorable on-screen performances lives in Pawling. Rob Thomas: The Matchbox 20 front man and solo artist and his wife Marisol are longtime Westchester residents and local philanthropists who raise funds and awareness for many animal causes.

When she was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inBette Midler called Love "one of the greatest voices in the history of rock 'n' roll. Larry Mullen, Jr. It's true: The U2 drummer lives in Nyack! Michael Steinhardt: The retired hedge fund titan has a weekend home in Mount Kisco.

Billionaire boss fired me for taking one sick day

Mary J. Blige: Nominated for two Academy Awards, the singer, songwriter and actress is from Yonkers.

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Austin Rogers: The quirky bartender who became a media sensation on 'Jeopardy' hails form Pound Ridge. Karen Croke The Journal News. View Comments.Billionaire Nelson Peltz remains one of the most famous takeover artists in America: In recent years, the corporate raider or "activist investor," as he prefers to be known has battled for control of Wendy's, Heinz, and the candymaker Cadbury Schweppes.

His hard-charging approach and tendency to ruffle feathers isn't just restricted to his professional life. Life inside Peltz's vast estate in Bedford is just as vicious, we hear, and the staff at the estate is subjected to such a dizzying amount of abuse, the Peltzes may be the worst family in America to work for. The Peltz estate employs dozens of housekeepers, bodyguards, gardeners and maids.

Of course, Peltz and his wife, Claudia, need lots of help: It's a big house. See left. In addition to a room main mansion, the property also features a lake, waterfall, indoor hockey rink with Zamboni machine, and a flock of albino peacocks that can occasionally be seen running around the manicured grounds.

It's not his only lavish mansion: In Palm Beach, his French Regency-style home covers 44, square feet. Peltz leads a predictably lavish lifestyle. He keeps two matching jets at a nearby airport, although he was forced to give up the helicopter that ferried him to the city a number of years ago, following a protracted legal battle with the town of Bedford. Peltz is hardly the only one in tony Bedford living a luxe life.

Life isn't quite as grand for the people who work at the estate, however. According to a source with knowledge of life inside the Peltz household, employees of the estate live in terror as they tend to the billionaire and his third wife, a former model with whom he has eight kids.

In one of the most egregious incidents, we hear Mrs. Peltz summoned a butler to the master bathroom after she discovered drops of urine on the toilet seat.

She demanded the butler clean it up, which he did, although she then insisted that he clean the toilet seat again. And again. It was only after he'd cleaned the seat four times—"once more for luck," she said—that Mrs. Peltz, perhaps detecting some frustration on the butler's part, informed him that she didn't like his attitude and dismissed him. It was Easter Sunday. According to our sources, this sort of behavior is nothing new.

Peltz's youngest daughter routinely threatens maids that she will have her father fire them if they don't do as she asks. She's hardly bluffing. Her last nanny was reportedly hauled out of the house by two beefy bodyguards after the girl decided she didn't care much for her.

Employee turnover at the estate is so high that new faces appear at the house on an almost weekly basis. Few people who have worked at the house are inclined to talk about what they've seen. By all accounts, the combative mogul is obsessed with security and insists on having armed bodyguards on the premises—and by his side—at all times.

We contacted Peltz's reps for comment. A spokesperson for the billionaire described the charges "outrageous fabrications," but declined to elaborate in any detail because of possible pending legal action.A billionaire investor's bodyguard was fired after he had a medical emergency and couldn't drive his boss to a party, according to a lawsuit. While Gonzalez was employed by a private security company, his supervisor was Peltz's property manager Ken Schwebel.

Gonzalez's duties at the moneyman's Mt. Kisco home in Westchester County included "driving and escorting the Peltz family to social events and shopping, walking their dogs and checking the dogs for ticks, as well as various other tasks on an on-call basis," his Manhattan Federal Court suit claims. Schwebel even praised Gonzalez's work until July 2,when he went to the ER after waking up with "shortness of breath and severe symptoms relating to his diabetes.

Shortly after Gonzalez let the private security firm know of his emergency, Schwebel texted him saying: "Juan, not a wise choice to call out today. Put everybody in a jamb sic.

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But if youre sic that sick please take off all next week when the family is not here and get better. Schwebel allegedly called Gonzalez during his exam and texted "Call me," the suit says.

Gonzalez — worried about losing his job — got the OK from his doctor to call Schwebel back.

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He put the conversation on speakerphone. Schwebel told Gonzalez he had to work and drive the family back to their home that evening when his doctor intervened, the suit says.

He cannot come back to work until July 5. I'm telling you he's sick. I'm not talking to you. Put Juan back on," Schwebel allegedly shot back, the papers say. I was spending more time with them then my family. Gonzalez, who maintains he neither took a sick day nor vacation until July 2, says Peltz didn't contact him after that day.

Reps for Peltz, Schwebel and Trian did not immediately responded to request for comment Thursday. Skip to content.

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nelson peltz house mt kisco

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